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Sagittarius Tattoos: Brings Out the Centaur in You

Are you dark on one side and show light on the other? A little man…..A little beast? Bring out the wild side of your Zodiac sign with Sagittarius tattoos. Sagittarius represents positive assertion and one who is full of power. Show that assertion and do not be ashamed of yourself and be ready to show…

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Pisces Tattoos Is A Vast Compilation Of Artistic Creativity Utilizing Unique Tattooing Styles

The unique styles of tattooing can be reflected through the creative images of Pisces tattoos. Let’s have a discussion about fish, not about catching, cleaning, and cooking them, but about the imagery of tattoos reflecting the universal adopted styles of tattooing through depictions of fish. One type of specific fish that are inked a lot…

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Your Ultimate Guide to Capricorn Tattoo Designs

Capricorn tattoo designs are now becoming a hot trend among millions, especially the ones who were born under this earthy sign. This sign combines two elements, earth and water. All those who are born under this sign are dependable and strong. If you are born under this sign there’s no better way to say that…

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