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The Art of Dragon Tattoos

Tattoos which are also known as body art and come in as many varieties of colors, shapes, designs and styles as one can imagine. There is just no limit to what a tattoo design will look like. Such designs can be from the very simple such as someones name to the very elaborate like a…

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Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs That Are Rich in Culture and Meaning

Searching for the best design for your next tattoo? Have you ever thought of getting a lotus flower tattoo? Read on to know why it is one of the best tattoo designs that is preferred by millions. Lotus tattoo is a flexible design and has a deep and rich symbolism behind it. It works equally…

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The Most Popular Form of Asian Tattoo Styles is The Symbol

Asian Tattoo styles have become a constant favorite for those looking to add some ink to their bodies and embellish their skin. The most popular form of the Asian tattoo styles is without a doubt the symbol or character.Tattoos are considered a permanent form of expression so it is no surprise that most people turned…

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