Grease Monkey Car Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have been around for centuries. Tattoos seem have to made a comeback over the past fifteen years. Today a number of people are getting tattoos. Tattoos are no longer popular only among the younger crowd. People of all ages are not getting tattoos.

Car tattoos have become increasingly popular. It is quite to get a tattoo of a popular car model or type. Some people will display a car tattoo on various parts of the body including the arm, leg, neck, chest and other areas.

Car Tattoos ImageCar tattoos include images of cars including the Camaro, Cadillac, BMW and various convertible models. In addition, some people prefer tattoos of older model cars such as the Buick, Studebaker and much more.

Popular car tattoos include grease monkey’s heaven , burning rubber, racing nut and many more. The burning rubber tattoo displays a car tire with flames surrounding the outer rim of the tire. The burning rubber tattoo is a popular choice among racers. The racing nut tattoo is another popular tattoo choice for those who enjoy racing cars as well as for those who simply enjoy watching a suspense filled car race.

Grease monkey’s heaven is a tattoo that depicts a young attractive girl standing beside an older model car possibly a Chevrolet. Grease monkey’s heaven was a popular choice for young bikers and teenagers. Tattoos definitely get noticed by others especially if the tattoo has bright or unusual colors and design.

Most reputable tattoo parlors will have a variety of car tattoos for the customer to view before making a final decision. All car tattoos can be completed by a professional within about one hour or less. The amount of time it will take to complete a car tattoo will vary considerably. The more detail the tattoo has naturally the monger it will take to design and complete.

It is important to remember that before you actually get a tattoo keep in mind that a tattoo is essentially permanent. It is possible to have a tattoo removed however it is a difficult procedure and could take a period of weeks to get rid of the tattoo completely.

Finally, car tattoos can be easily obtained. However, it is important to secure a person well seasoned with tattooing. In addition, make sure conditions are sanitary before you allow anyone to start the tattoo procedure on you.

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