L.A. Ink Tattoo; The TV Show

L.A. Ink Tattoo

Because of a dispute with cast members on the hit television show Miami Ink, Kat Von D transplanted back to L.A. California to open her own tattoo vision, a new shop. She was then offered a spin off from the original show.  Kat hired her good friend, Corey Miller as the tattooist and shortly thereafter, hired Kim Saigh and Hannah Aitchison to be tattooist also. All the excitement of opening a new shop is followed by the camera on the first day and the drama that unfolds in-between.

LA Ink Tattoo Kat Von DThe story follows customers who enter the shop to get a tattoo. Each customer has a story to share about their life and why they are getting the tattoo. Even celebrities will come into the shop to get inked and to tell about their lives. As the story progresses, changes happened. Von D got rid of Acia during season 1 toward the end. At the end of the season two finale, Aitchison and Saigh left the show. Aubry Fishers, from the former “Rock of Love” show became the new shop manager in season three but was fired mid-season because of trouble that was stired amongst the customers and the other tattooist in theshop.

LA Ink Tattoo Zombie Girl Then, tattooist Amy Nicoletto was employed on a trial basis but then quit to work at American Electric that was operated by Craig Jackman. Another tattooist known as Paulie Tattoo also quit to go to be employed at American Electric because he was not getting enough customers. Fisher came on board and was hired as a shop help because she was let go from High Voltage. This did not last long, because she again quit to follow her dream of working as a makeup artist. She did not tell Craig that she was going to leave.  She made an appearance on 2 episodes in the 4th season and showed up for the eleventh anniversary for a cameo.

LA Ink Tattoo Native American ChiefOne highlight of the season was that a Guinness World Record was broken by Von D. She actually tattooed four hundred customers with the L.A. part of the LA Ink symbol. She gave all the money that was raised to charity. The record was shattered latter by Kat’s X husband, who goes by the name of Oliver Peck.  He tattooed 15 more people breaking the record by 15 with the number 13.

LA Ink Tattoo FaceThere were other notable appearances on LA Ink. A guest artist named Nikko Hurtado appears several times in season three.  Von D also invited her brother Michael and sister Karoline to come on the show. The theme of competition stayed current as High Voltage and American Electric fought to overcome each other in profit and in customers.

When LA Ink first began in August in 2007, there were around 2.9 million viewers that watched the show during that time slot. This was echoed by the “Hollywood Reviewer, that the show was the most watched during the debut on a cable channel since the opening of the U.S. version of “What Not to Wear.”

LA Ink Tattoo Kat Von D

LA Ink Tattoo Kat Von D

LA Ink Tattoo Native American Chief

LA Ink Tattoo Face

LA Ink Tattoo Zombie Girl

LA Ink Tattoo Just A Girl

LA Ink Tattoo Kat

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