Mens Tattoo Ideas; Dagger Through the Heart, Mermaids, Cross Rifles & Dragons

Mens Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos transcend gender, but some tattoos are more geared for men. Sure, women could wear the same tattoo, but it just goes better on the male body. There are many mens tattoo ideas, but if you are looking at getting a tattoo, you might want to do a little searching for that perfect tattoo. You want a tattoo that not only looks good, but also has some significance and meaning. Below are some mens tattoo ideas that might inspire:

Dagger through the Heart

Dagger Through The Heart Mens Tattoo Ideas ImageA tattoo of a dagger through the heart is a great tattoo for a man. It symbolizes a lost love or something that has pierced the inner soul. The tattoo can be as elaborate as you want to make it with intricate patterns on the dagger’s hilt or blood dripping down the blade. This tattoo can be tattooed anywhere, but for real meaning, you would want it tattooed over your real heart. With colors of red and black, it will be noticeable from a distance.

Mermaid Tattoo

Mermaid Mens Tattoo Ideas ImageMany a sailor has gotten a mermaid tattooed on their arm or chest and why not? Mermaids are beautiful from the waist up, but with their fish tail, the mermaid becomes an alluring creature of fancy. We’re not talking Aerial from little Mermaid, but a mermaid tattoo that has some sexuality in it. The use of color in this tattoo with green scales and eyes and maybe black or red hair will make this tattoo truly unique and individual.

Cross Rifles

IfJapanese Dragon Mens Tattoo Ideas Image you are in the military, was in the military, or you are just a gun enthusiast, a cross rifle tattoo is a great mens tattoo idea. The cross rifles can be of any make though most are tattooed with a M16 or other assault rifle. The tattoo has two rifles crossed usually above a military insignia or a skull. Many people are getting the second amendment tattooed underneath their cross rifles to show their love of guns and their belief in the constitution.


Dragons look good on a male or female, but the way the dragon is drawn can make it gender specific. Most women have a dragon inked that is almost seductive in nature, but a man can get a dragon tattoo that has a more sinister, evil look that embodies manliness in its rawest form. The dragon for a man should be black or red, but adding a little color for the eyes will really make the tattoo standout. Needle gauge and the width of the lines will also add a little testosterone into the ink.

Even some tattoos that women traditionally wear can be a mans tattoo, they just have to be readjusted or redrawn off the original stencil to be manlier. Color, line width, and intensity will beef up that girly tattoo or add a manly tattoo along with it to make the otherwise female tattoo into a tattoo for a guy. Even a tattoo of a flower can be intertwined with barbed wire to make the flower more gender friendly.

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