My Joker Tattoo Flash Experience

joker tattoo flashMe: “What sort of design are you going to get, man?”
Jean: “Isn’t it obvious? I’m going to get one of Joker.”
Me: “Well, that narrows things down some. But which sort of Joker tattoo flash are we talking about here?”

I was a little curious because Jean has a few different interests that involve the word Joker on actual joker tattoo flash. Since he didn’t say “a Joker,” I ruled out something related to playing cards; Jean’s big on Blackjack and Poker.

Me: “So, are we talking about Batman’s nemesis and the ‘Clown Prince of Crime?’ Or do you mean that navigator for Shepherd’s crew in Mass Effect who was voiced by Seth Green?”
Jean: “Dude, come on! I’m getting Mass Effect’s Joker right on my upper arm.”

Mass Effect’s Joker was born with incredibly brittle legs and relegated to sitting in the pilot’s seat for most of the games. Jean’s choice made sense; he’d been in a terrible car wreck which left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Me: “So, did you have a particular design in mind? Like a profile image or some fan art?”
Jean: “I’m not really sure. I want it to be of Joker, but I also want something that looks good without taking up a lot of space on my arm.”

It was at this point that I pulled out my tablet and searched for “Joker tattoos.” Most of my results were just compilations of people with tattoos, mostly of DC’s Joker I might add. With little luck there, I changed my search to looking up tattoo terminology and soon came upon the term “tattoo flash.”

After learning of what we needed to ask around for, Jean and I headed for a nearby tattoo studio to ask if they had any varieties of Joker tattoo flash. That particular studio had nothing even close to a Joker tattoo flash, but the owner talked with us and said he’d be willing to draw one up.

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