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Rosary Bead Tattoo Designs Represent Religious Beliefs & Ideas

Rosary Bead Tattoo Ideas For many people that have rosary bead tattoo, is because rosaries are an essential tool in keeping the Christian faith. They keep their religion close to theirs heart and mind. Christian believers see the rosary as the Gospel in beaded form and serve as both an aid in memory and for…

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Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Designs Making Big Impression On Todays Culture

The Culture of Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Designs Did you know in ancient Hawaii tattooists were the only ones who determined the design of any tattoo. Artwork  such as Hawaiian flower tattoo designs could not be chosen the client? That’s just one difference between Hawaiian and Western forms of tattooing. You can learn about this and…

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African American Tattoos – The Tattoo Art of Africa

African American tattoos are worn by many citizens of the United States. In the United States the term African American is generally used for Americans with at least partial African ancestry. Most are the descendants of captive Africans who survived the slavery era. They are descendants of the slavery boundaries of the United States as well…

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