Tattoo Art; Form, Gender Specifics and Full Body Tattoo Art

Tattoo Art

Tattoo art or the art of tattooing has been around for hundreds of years. Even the ancient Egyptians practiced tattooing especially around their eyes. Poorer workers could not afford the rich inks and makeup that the royals had, so they made do with soot and ash tattooed into their skin. Tattooing has always been seen as body art no matter if the tattoo was a symbol of meaning or just an adornment. Today tattoo art is truly that, art. The skin has become the canvas and the imagination of the artist and the tattoo enthusiast has found a muse.

Tattoo Art as an Art Form

Tattoo Art Michael AngeloThough looked down upon in the past, tattooing has become a modern art form for those who ink and for those who get inked. The body becomes a walking art show that not only entertains those who see it, but also inspires others to get a tattoo and to come up with their own designs. Tattoo art is like anything else that is considered art. It is there to cause a reaction, good or bad. If it doesn’t cause a reaction it is just a picture on someone’s skin. Tattoo art is also in the eye of the beholder. What might be art for one person can be seen as horrible by the next.

Gender Specific Tattoo Art

Tattoo Art Gnder Specific Though we try to live in a politically correct environment, sometimes you have to admit that tattoo art can be gender specific. Though some men wear them, flower tattoos are more suitable for women in most people’s perspective. A skull and cross bones tattoo is more geared for the manly man. Most tattoos are bi gender and either a man or a woman can wear them, but these tattoos is what one would consider the norm in the tattoo world. If you like a tattoo, don’t worry if it doesn’t fit your gender, it is your body and your choice to make.

Full Body Tattoo Art

Tattoo Art Full BodyA tattoo can be as big or as little as you want it to be. The tattoo can be a small dot to make a beauty mark on a women’s face or it can cover the entire body. Some people start small and then add to existing tattoos until the body or an appendage is covered. The drawback to full body tattoo art is that it cannot be covered easily for a job interview or other social event where tattoos are not the norm. Most people who receive full body tattoo art work in an environment where tattoos are accepted and judgment is not made. The tattoo shunning should stop in the future as employers find that it is the employee’s skill that matters, not what is inked upon their skin.

If you are interested in starting the canvas of ink that will become a part of your life, choose your tattoos wisely. Think beyond the first tattoo that you are going to get and plan for the next before the needle hits the skin.

Tattoo Art Skull

Tattoo Art Skull Backpiece

Tattoo Art Sugar Skull

Tattoo Art Skeleton

Tattoo Art Tiger

Tattoo Art Elephant

Tattoo Art Cat

Tattoo Art Michael Angelo

Tattoo Art Asian

Tattoo Art Arm Piece

Tattoo Art Gnder Specific

Tattoo Art Roaring Twenties

Tattoo Art Warrior

Tattoo Art Life Like Woman

Tattoo Art Hand

Tattoo Art Mammoth

Tattoo Art by French Artist

Tattoo Art Face

Tattoo Art Dot Work Skull

Tattoo Art Zen

Tattoo Art Comics

Tattoo Art Snake

Tattoo Art Machine Leg

Tattoo Art Simple

Tattoo Art Greek God

Tattoo Art Squid

Tattoo Art Face

Tattoo Art Face Backpiece

Tattoo Art Japanese

Tattoo Art Illusion

Tattoo Art Civil War

Tattoo Art Steve Jobs

Tattoo Art Full Body

Tattoo Art Cheech Marin

Tattoo Art Eagle

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