The Dragon Tattoo; Asian, Medieval and Other Famous Designs

The Dragon Tattoo

Dragons are mythical creatures that conjuror up images of flying scaled reptiles the spit fire. Whether it is the Asian dragon that flies through the crowd during Chinese New Year or the monstrous beast that fought with the Knights of the Middle Ages, a dragon is a powerful symbol, especially if it is in the form of a dragon tattoo.

Asian Dragon Tattoo

Asian Dragon Tattoo on ShoulderThe Asian dragon tattoo is more whimsical than the better known dragons of Europe. It seems almost like it is smiling as it glides through the air in serpentine gestures. The Asian dragon tattoo goes great with other Asian oriented tattoos such as the Ying Yang, the Lotus flower, or orchid tattoo. It can be inked anywhere on the body but looks especially good over a shoulder or intertwining around a calve or thigh. The tattoo can be brightly colored or just plain inked with black lines and it still looks good.

Medieval Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Tattoo Medieval A Medieval dragon tattoo is one that has a little menacing look more than the Asian dragon. The dragon can be of any color, but the scales should really be pronounced. The dragon should have wings and can be drawn either flying or standing its ground against a knight in shining armor. The dragon can be drawn as if fighting with great blasts of fire belching from the mouth or the dragon can be passive with a wing wrapped around its rider.

Famous Dragon Tattoos

Dragon Tattoo FamousThere are many famous dragons that can be tattooed. The dragon Smog from the Hobbit is famous and its infamous battle against the men from Riverdale can be caught on the canvas that is your skin. There is also the more cartoonish dragon from the movie, “How to Train Your Dragon” that can be inked if you are looking for a more passive friendly dragon. There is also the dark dragon from the Disney classic, “Sleeping Beauty.”

Where to Find Cool Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Dragon Tattoo Asian WomanThe Internet is full of pictures of dragons. Just use the keyword ‘dragon’, hit images, and you will see a plethora of dragon images. Take one to your local tattoo artist and see if he or she can match it. Some of the images you find might be too intricate and will have to be modified in both size and detail. This is a good thing though, because a smaller tattoo will cost less and it will be original having been modified from the image. Other idea is to ask your artist what kind of dragon tattoos that they might have. Most keep the coolest or the most popular in stock and after you go over them, you might decide that the stock image is better than the image you found on the net. It is all up to you where the dragon should be inked on the skin, so play around with the stencil to see if it will really look good. Plan carefully and pick the right dragon and you should be happy with that new tattoo.

Dragon Tattoo Backpiece

Dragon Tattoo Shoulder

Dragon Tattoo Asian Style

Dragon Tattoo Shoulder Color

Dragon Tattoo Tribal

Dragon Tattoo Womans Backpiece

Dragon Tattoo Womans Back

Dragon Tattoo Shoulder

Dragon Tattoo Foot

Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Tattoo Asian Woman

Dragon Tattoo Medieval

Dragon Tattoo 3D

Dragon Tattoo 3D Black Grey

Dragon Tattoo Womans Body

Dragon Tattoo Girls Thigh

Dragon Tattoo Color Backpiece

Dragon Tattoo Famous

Dragon Tattoo Blue

 Dragon Tattoo Backpiece

Dragon Tattoo Mans Side

Dragon Tattoo On Back

Dragon Tattoo Womans Waist

Asian Dragon Tattoo on Shoulder

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