The Octopus Tattoo; Sailors, Colors, Placement

The Octopus Tattoo

An Octopus is a mollusk with eight legs and a bulbous head. The octopus has been noted for their beauty as they swim through the water and the ferocity as they wrap their legs around their food source and draw it into their sharp beak and mouth. The octopus has it edible and with the proper seasoning can be quite tasty.

Sailors and the Octopus Tattoo

Octopus Tattoo MermaidThe Octopus tattoo has been worn by sailors throughout the century as a sign of their craft at sea and also as a tribute to the ancient gods of Greece and Rome. Today sailors still wear the tattoo as a nautical symbol of their life at sea and their reverence for the deep. The octopus tattoo can be drawn with the legs extended as if swimming or with the legs contracted as if it is eating its prey. With eight legs, the movement and placement of each leg truly makes this tattoo unique.


Octopus Tattoo Shoulder When getting an octopus tattoo, color is important. Traditionally, the tattoo is green or black, but you can be a little creative and color in the tattoo with your favorite color. Even hot pink is used to give the octopus a unique look that really gets notice. The color you choice should be one that you like and one the compliments other tattoos on your body. The hue, tone, and contrast will create something that no one else has and will make you tattoo a conversation piece wherever you go.

Best Octopus Tattoo Placement

Octopus Tattoo Multi ColoredThe octopus tattoo can be place anywhere you wish, but it is commonly inked on the back or chest. This can be small, but most like the tattoo bold and big. The tattoo can be centered on the back with the eight legs wrapping around the body, legs, and arms. The tattoo can also hold objects in each leg such as a trident, a spear, fishing net, or other nautical items. With some much going on in the tattoo, it can sometimes be overwhelming, but the placement of the curvy lines can make the tattoo fluid and attractive.


Matching Your Octopus Tattoo

Ocotpus Tattoo Womens ChestThe octopus tattoo can be matched or combined with other nautical tattoos to give your tattoos a theme. The tattoo can be combined with the traditional anchor tattoo that has been inked on millions of sailors or it can be more non-materialistic by tattooing the octopus by a navigational star or a ship with main sails at full draw.
No matter what kind of octopus tattoo you choose, choose wisely and make sure there is meaning behind it. Even if you have never been on a ship or boat in your life, you can embrace the salty look and nautical swagger of a sailor. The tattoo should be a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Even if you live in a landlocked state or province, you can still have that nautical look that people will look at and see that you are a man or woman of the world.

Octopus Tattoo Mermaid

Octopus Tattoo Life LIke

Octopus Tattoo Multi Colored

Octopus Tattoo

Octopus Tattoo Orange

Octopus Tattoo Shoulder

Octopus Tattoo Womans Leg

Octopus Tattoo Backpiece

Octopus Tattoo Blue

Octopus Tattoo Leg

Octopus Tattoo Water

Octopus Tattoo Evil

Octopus Tattoo Divers Helmet

Octopus Tattoo KIngs Crown

Octopus Tattoo Sleeve

Octopus Tattoo Tribal

Octopus Tattoo Purple Leg

Octopus Tattoo Mans Shoulder

Octopus Tattoo Womens Shoulder

Octopus Tattoo Back Shoulder

Octopus Tattoo Womens Breast

Octopus Tattoo Belly

Octopus Tattoo Eyes

Octopus Tattoo Bright Purple

Octopus Tattoo Realistic

Octopus Tattoo Spotted

Octopus Tattoo Girls Shoulder

Octopus Tattoo Black Grey

Octopus Tattoo Anchor

Octopus Tattoo Top Hat

Octopus Tattoo Black Grey

Ocotpus Tattoo Womens Chest

Octopus Tattoo Grey Purple

Octopus Tattoo Purple

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