The Tattoo Book; Models, Protection, Covers and Organization

The Tattoo Book

If you are a tattoo artist, you probably have your walls lined with stencils and tattoo designs for your customers to look at to choose a tattoo. This is fine and it gives customers something to look out while you finish with another customer. The wall displays are a great draw, but tattoo books give your designs a more professional look. A customer can thumb through the tattoo book and find exactly what they want without the pressure of scanning a wall.

Tattoo Book Organization

Tattoo Book DrawingsThe way you organized your book and designs can depend on your tastes, but keep the customers taste in mind. You may want to arrange the tattoo book according to the size of the designs, or you may want to organize by price. Most people come into a tattoo shop with a design in mind, but others have no clue. They just know how much money they have and they want to know what they can get for that price. Having prices on the book pages can help eliminate this extra work and get them to the tattoo they want faster.

Tattoo Book Models

Tattoo Book Model Having pictures of your designs is great, but amp it up. Have the design shown on an actual model or person to show how it will look on the skin. This don’t have to be some pumped up biker or body builder. Take pictures of common people. Of course the tattoo will look good on a bicep that is bigger than your customers head, but that same tattoo can be shown on a skinny guy. Where do you get models for your tattoos? From the internet is a good source, but take pictures of all of your work. This will make it more personable and user friendly for the customer.

Tattoo Book Protection

Ttatoo Book DragonLaminate your pictures and put the stencils of your designs in plastic. Building a tattoo book is a lot of hard work and you do not want it ruined by somebody’s grubby paws smearing your pics. Make sure that you wipe down the plastic after the customer leaves because it would be a breeding ground for germs and dirt. You may also want to put tabs with categories on the pages so that the customer can go straight to the kind of design they want .For instance, if the customer is looking for dragon tattoos, they can go straight to where they start by following the tab.

Tattoo Book Cover

Horror Tattoo BookDon’t be cheap when you buy a binder for your tattoo book. Don’t get a 99 cent special from Walmart that will split easily or break apart. Get something nice! Your customers will appreciate a nice leather binder that is easy to open. Your trying to get that customer to buy something, so don’t show him some raggedy tattoo book that has pages falling out. Put your first foot forward and show that customer that they are valued by giving them a professional tattoo book.

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