Tribal Tattoos For Guys

Edgy and Sexy: Tribal Tattoos for Guys

Tribal tattoos for guys are one of the most popular styles of ink to get. They come in many different styles and colors. Plus, they can be placed just about anywhere on the body. If a guy is looking for a classic tattoo that will amp up his edge, then a tribal tattoo is a great place to start.

The Many Designs of the Tribal Tattoos for Guys

The obvious origins of the tribal tattoo lies in the mystique and brazen manliness of the ancient warrior. Today people tend to get tribal tattoos more for their cool designs than for their hunting skills. Despite the lack of great significance, modern tribal tattoos are still very manly. There are many distinct designs that you can choose from when getting a tribal tattoo. Some celebrities have made their tattoos iconic much like Mike Tyson and his facial tribal tattoo. However, you do not need to go as fierce and raw as Tyson to get the same look. One of the most common places to get a tribal tattoo is wrapper around the bicep or along the forearm. As long as you choose a design that you like, then your tattoo will make you look as strong and domineering as your ancient ancestors.

Polynesian Tribal Tattoo

Tribal Tattoos For Guys Image One of the most popular designs is the Polynesian tribal tattoo. It features:

    • Strong Geometric Shapes
    • Plenty of Shading
  • Curved Lines and Sharp Edges

You will like this tattoo is you like the idea of sporting an ancient look. Polynesian tribal tattoos are amongst the most intricate and beautiful of the genre.

Celtic Cross Tribal Tattoo

If you have Celtic origins or are a spiritual person, then the Celtic Cross tribal tattoo may be a perfect fit for you. The Celtic Cross features.

    • Intricate Curved Lines
    • Minimal Shading
  • A Distinct Cross Shape

The Celtic Cross looks amazing either large or small. It is ideal for the shoulder, back or leg where the cross can be seen in its full extent. Many guys like to combine their Celtic cross with detailed vines, skulls, or intricate designs to make it even edgier.

Japanese Tribal Tattoo

The Japanese tribal tattoo is also one of the most popular designs. This look is ideal for someone who wants a mystical tattoo full of foreign symbols and letters. The Japanese Tribal Tattoos feature

    • Japanese Characters
    • Mythic Beasts Like Dragons
  • Swirled Lines in Red Colors

The beauty of this tattoo lies in its ability to take any form. Guys who like to be creative and design their own tattoo will have the most freedom with this style. As a result, it is easy to customize and develop over the years.

Continue The Tradition With Tribal Tattoos for Guys

Tribal tattoos for guys are some of the sexiest tattoos one can have. Also, they are a good way for you to connect to your heritage. Many cultures have special symbols, saying or drawing that represent their warrior. If you want to feel connected to your ancestors while looking super modern and cool, then a tribal tattoo is one of the best ways to honor your past.

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