A Great Way to Remember a Loved One with an RIP Tattoo

A majority of people are starting to get tattoos in this day and age. Rather they are getting just one tattoo or covering their body, tattoos are being extremely popular. Generally, when someone gets a tattoo they will put meaning behind it. A very popular one, that is seen often, are rip tattoos, which means rest in peace. These types of tattoos are popular because it represents someone in their life that has passed away. The tattoos are a great way to remember that person forever.

RIP Tattoos ImageThere are several ways that rip tattoos can be done. Some will get a tattoo that will resemble what the individual that passed away loved. That could be anything from fishing, gambling, music notes, or whatever else they remember that person by. Others may just receive a cross tattoo with the rip around it. Some have even been seen with praying hands, a portrait of the deceased, flowers, and just the wording.

A great way to represent a child that passed on is to get their portrait done, their hand prints, feet prints, or a character that they loved. This way the memory of the child will be forever engraved in the skin. It’s a way to show passion and love for the person that passed away. They look great placed in a variety of places on the body. Some may have these types of tattoos on their arm, leg, rib cage, foot, chest, or even back.

Color tattoos are also another way to help a tattoo pop. When you want it to really stand out, you can use a variety of colors. Tattoo artists have a great eye for helping choose what colors will work best with the tattoo piece that is chosen. Black and white tattoos look amazing, as well. When a tattoo artist has great shading techniques, they can help any type of tattoo stand out.

There are several options that one can choose with rip tattoos. This is what makes them so special. They really symbolize the individual that passed away and has more meaning than any other tattoo out there. When choosing a rip tattoo, it’s important to take your time to choose the perfect fit for the individual that passed away. Pick a place on your body that you would want the rip tattoo and decide if you want color or not. Being able to advise your tattoo artist ahead of time of what you truly want, they can help ensure that it is drawn up exactly as you want it to be before it’s tattooed.

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