A Script Tattoo: Simple but Elegant

A script tattoo is a simple design, but it turns out elegant when arranged properly. The font of the script is what really brings this design into the light. The tattoo is usually composed of two words, like love and hate, or peace and love. They can be quotes, bible verses, names, or song lyrics.  The scripts can also be done in memorandum. A simple ‘in loving memory’ or ‘dedicated to..’ has their own meaning, but by changing the font to something more visually poetic, can really make the tattoo stand out.  Dates, names, and anything tattooed in the written word can be written in script.

Script Tattoo ImageThere are several fonts or styles that are used to create a script tattoo. The first is the easiest but not always the wisest. That is a simple handwritten tattoo. This could be a little shaky and you would want to see the handwriting of the tattoo artist before you allow him or her to begin to ink on the script. An artist with a shaky hand can be detrimental to the look of the tattoo. You might want to pick an artist that knows calligraphy. This will ensure a well written tattoo that looks good and give an antique air about it.

Roman and Gothic lettering and font are also popular script tattoos. The Roman lettering, taken from the Latin language, gives bold letters and dramatic lines that will make your tattoo stand out and be noticed. The ancient language can be written in Latin for that scholarly look or in English or Spanish with the bold lettering. The Gothic lettering brings out the true Gaelic aspect of the tattoo and goes great with other Gothic tattoos such as a Gaelic cross or shamrock. The combinations bring out the traditional wording and the legacy of this font from languages long past.

Your script tattoo can portray or say anything that you wish.  The tattoo can be personalized and have a special meaning just for the wearer. It can symbolize protection, love, bravery, sex, a spiritual devotion, or just a neat quote or saying. Remember that when wearing a script tattoo, it is the font that stands out and not the words. The viewer will be drawn in by the font, and then they will see the words as they were meant to be seen. The font is the lure, the word is the meaning, and then it is up to you to describe what it means for you.

The color is important when you pick out your script tattoo. Black is the preferred color or a dark blue. This is because it will stand out on both white and dark skin. Other lighter colors may fade or not be as prominent as you would wish. If you are putting the tattoo next to another, it might be wise to have the other tattoo freshened up so the colors will stand out better. Sometimes it is better to have the words stand out over the older tattoo. This is at the preference of the wearer.

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