A Skull Tattoo Has Many Meanings

A skull tattoo can have many meanings, but the 1st one that comes to mind is death and morbid horror. This is not always the case, the wearer of the skull tattoo should not be judged because he or she has a skull tattoo.

If you look back in history the skull image has been used as a sign of death in many cultures. If you picture a pirates flag, instantly a image of a black flag with a skull will come to mind. The image used for the universal poison symbol has a skull in it. The truth is that it can also have positive meanings to the person who has it.

Skull Tattoo ImageSkull tattoos are a must for tattoo artists, so many tattoos have skulls or demons associated with them, and they will always be the bread and butter of a tattoo shop.

Many of the tattoos have banners or sayings associated with them, some of the popular saying are “Memento mori” that is in Latin and translates to “remember your mortality”. Another popular saying is “Only God can judge me”. People use skulls to express how they feel inside. If you think about it always meaning something bad, think of this, We all have a skull inside of us, does that make you bad?

Some cultures use a skull image for there celebrations, take for instance a sugar skull or day of the dead skull, these are not bad celebrations, they are cultural icons.

a skull is the foundation of the body, without it we would not stand, move do anything more than lay there. So it deserves a little more respect then it receives in my opinion. It should be a sign of strength, longevity, or a reminder of living a life to its fullest potential. As a good friend of mine says, “Live Life Cool” a skull should remind you that you only get one chance to do it right, so don’t hold back, make the best of it.

So next time you see a skull tattoo, don’t assume that the wearer is a evil or bad , they might be the person helping you out someday.

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