Amazing Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

A half sleeve tattoo is when you tattoo your wrist to your elbow, or tattoo your shoulder to your wrist. Half sleeve tattoo ideas can combine several designs or tattoos together, or have one encompassing theme. If you are looking for half sleeve tattoo ideas, you might want to start on the Internet or talk to your local tattoo artists. Half sleeve and full sleeve tattoos are gaining in popularity and are more socially accepted today. Below is several half sleeve tattoo ideas that you might think about. Your imagination and what you want is your only limit.

The tribal tattoo is sometimes a good design for someone that likes that basic designs. They are geometric in nature and the look great wrapped around your lower arm or shoulder. The Polynesian and Maori style tattoos are the most popular and even novice tattoo artists are able to complete these simple designs. The tribal tattoo brings out the idea of a warrior and most are worn by men. Though some designs are worn by women, the male, especially young males, enjoy the simplistic, basic, and solid design. As a half sleeve, it will be more defined against the body and will good on most body types.

Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas Celtic ImageThe Celtic design is also a unique idea for a half sleeve tattoo. Celtic knotwork is very intricate and a good tattoo artist will make a unique design from that knotwork. The Celtic cross can also be included to give the tattoo a look of ancient mysticism. The Celtic design is also a way to show your religious beliefs. Though Pagan in the old days, most Irish celebrate the Catholic religion and a Celtic cross is a perfect way to do that. Even if you are not Catholic, but want to show people that you have Irish pride, the half sleeve Celtic design is for you.

Though it is mostly men that get a half sleeve tattoo, women do so also but with more creative designs. The women blend tattoos of flours or Koi to make the tattoo more Oriental in appearance. The vibrant colors and dark hues give the tattoo an almost Asian look that blends and flows in wispily flowing patterns. The beauty of these tattoos only mirror and enhance the beauty of the woman who wears it. With all the colors in these types of half sleeve tattoos, the woman can match her attire to fit the body art.

When you decide on a half sleeve tattoo, remember that it can be easily covered with a short sleeve shirt, for the upper arm half sleeve, or a long sleeve shirt for the lower arm. Though you want your art to be seen, some companies will either not hire you or make you have your tattoo covered at work. This mindset is changing, but this a consideration you must make before you get inked. Though tattoo removal is an option if you want to get rid of your tattoo, the time and money it would take to remove the half sleeve may not be worth it.

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