Angel Tattoos For Men

Angel tattoos for men are nothing new. They have been around for years. The difference is the purpose they serve in society. At one time tattoos were similar in purpose to a branding iron. Different tattoos identified a particular class of people and their ranking in society. Other spiritual people applied tattoos as part of religious ceremonies. Most people think angel tattoos today are nothing more than a fashion statement. The men who choose to wear the symbolic angel tattoos would disagree.

Angel Tattoos For Men ImageAngel tattoos can represent good or evil depending on the pattern chosen and the personal beliefs of the wearer. There is always the choice of a customized tattoo that depicts whatever the wearer wants it to. It may be a simple inconspicuous angel hidden away or an actual display of a visible scene that tells a bigger story. A vast majority of the rich and famous wear tattoos proudly, but the public can only guess at their true significance. Learn about some of the most common angel tattoos for men and their perceived interpretation.

The design of the Cherub displays wings and an adorable stocky baby even though the angel is the protector of heaven and God. The Guardian angels most prominent pattern is hands together as if in prayer. Wings are open in a welcoming gesture often with light or a halo around her head. Archangels are the most revered of all because in the Bible they stand in the presence of God. Their assigned mission is delivering of Gods messages.

God cast the fallen angel Lucifer out of heaven who later called himself Satan. A tattoo with the fallen angel depicted burning in a fire or with ripped wings and horns symbolize Gods power over evil. If the fallen angel’s portrayal is one of power, it suggests a tattoo of Satan worship. The angel of death initially appears to be a negative vision. Taken to a deeper level, it is a constant reminder that everyone should prepare spiritually for the day of reckoning.

Angel tattoos have many designs, patterns, sizes and meanings. Spiritual symbols such as a cross, halo, rosary, sword, trumpet, cloud, stars and other objects possibly project the meaning of the angel. Many people use angel wings in conjunction with the name or image of someone important in their lives or as a tribute of someone lost in death. Tattoos normally tell a personal story about the person that wears it. People who notice an angel tattoo on a man for the first time may be surprised at the choice of designs.

The truth is that angel tattoos are more popular then ever before. Nearly every religion has some reference to angels in their teachings. They are one of the strongest spiritual symbols in religion because angels appear as protectors and the great communicators between God and man. Tattoos are not just ink smeared on skin. Angel tattoos for men are seldom a mere fashion statement, but a representation of a personal story.

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