Are Breast Tattoos Sexy?

This type of tattoo has been done by women with a little tattoo, in a semi hidden place, by many women. To a full on chest panel from shoulder to shoulder and encompassing the breasts. It is a tattoo that is not for shy girls. This tattoo if visible will draw a large amount of attention to their boobs and get a few extra looks.

Tattoos in this area have been popular because it is over the heart of the person wearing it, it could be a tattoo to represent love to a partner, a child’s names, or something the person really loves. Sometimes it is just a clever spot to get something that will be covered up and only visible when it is meant to be seen.

Breat Tattoos ImageAnother form of breast tattooing is a form of cosmetic tattooing. Many women suffer from areola pigmentation color differences, tattooing the aureola an even tone will make the breast look similar and matching.

Also when a woman undergoes a mastectomy,sometimes they choose to have new areola’s and nipple tattooed on to replace what has been removed. Some even go with a large chest panel to cover the entire area completely.

Each woman will have her own reason for getting a tattoo in this area , many of them are symbolic tattoos to express overcoming a obstacle.

Some women choose to have extensive chest panels done, this is a tattoo artist dream, as it is a place that has a good amount of skin to work on and it is destined to be seen way before other tattoos get noticed, due to the placement area. You can browse tattoo magazines or the internet and you will see a higher caliber of tattoos on chest panels. The tattoo artist considers this a billboard and sometimes the best work or him or her will be demonstrated .

The chest area is a painful are to be tattooed, many tattoo collectors hold off on this area until they have no more room left to fill. I have seen many of good men, tap out after a short session on their chest area. This tattoo is not a fun area for the person just starting off their tattoo collection.

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