Arm Tattoos For Guys

So, you know you want to get ink, and you even know where. Now that you’ve gotten that sweet spot on your arm picked out, there’s just one little problem: what do you want on your arm for the rest of your life?

Well, here are some pretty basic ideas for arm tattoos for guys.

  • Go Classic

There’s always something to be learned from the past, right? The oldies are still around for a reason. Some of the most popular arm tattoos for guys are the ones that your grandpa would have gotten (if he was in the Navy). The anchor, the heart with the arrow through it, and the pin-up girl are always a classic idea.

  • Go for Meaning

Arm tattoos For Guys ImageIs your spirituality important to you? Did a book change your life? How about something more obvious? Even something as simple as your favorite sports team might not be a bad idea when it comes to arm tattoos for guys. Sure, it may not look as pretty as that pin-up girl, but at least you know that you’ll still love it when you’re 70.

  • Do Some Further Research

A lot of people get great ideas just from doing image searches online. There are a ton of resources out there, from art websites to plain old image search engines. Find a style you like and look at pictures first.

  • Look At A Lot of Portfolios

It’s a mistake to just sit down in the tattoo chair without doing your research first. Go into your local parlors and ask to see the tattoo artists’ portfolios. That way, you can get a good look at what kind of art you have as an option. If you see some arm tattoos for guys in the portfolio, you might get some ideas for your own.

  • Be Creative

Overall, when you’re thinking of ideas for arm tattoos for guys, don’t rush into anything. The temptation to get that impulse tattoo might be tough to resist, but it definitely pays to put a little more thought into it. Make sure you’re comfortable with your choice, you’ve gotten a design you love from your artist, and that their portfolio shows that they can do good work in that style. Always remember: there’s nothing more beautiful than a well-done tattoo, but there’s nothing more tragic than a tattoo mistake. Find something you love and go with it, and you’ll have a piece of art on your body you can be proud of for the rest of your life.

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