Ashes to Ink; Cool Tattoo Ideas

When thinking about getting a tattoo, one usually thinks about what would be unique; something symbolizing a part of their life or a part of their life that has since passed. A cool tattoo idea that comes to mind when I think this way would be the commemorative or ritual tattoo. This tattoo is not what it sounds like, it is a memorial tattoo; however, it’s not just a RIP sign with a persons name and date of their life and their departure from this life. A ritual tattoo is much more meaningful to have, this tattoo is made with a loved ones cremated ashes.

Cool Tattoo Idea ImageEverywhere I looked to research this cool tattoo idea, the documented origin of how this trend got started was truly hard to find, but I kept crossing paths with a story of an English couple, Mark and Lisa Richmond, who owned their own tattoo parlor and had lost their little boy from illness when he was only 2 years old. The couple wanted to keep his memory alive and in 2009, 3 years after little Ayden had passed; both parents tattooed a portrait of Ayden on them using his cremated ashes.

With everything we do to our bodies these days, getting inked with someone’s ashes may be the coolest tattoo idea yet. Although, we must remember, when doing something to our bodies there will always be risk factors involved. Some of these risk factors when using cremated ashes to tattoo are: infection, rejection, and scarring. This is why some tattoo artist will not even attempt to do this type of tattoo. It is important to make sure if getting this procedure that the artist sterilizes the ashes before mixing them with the ink. Most artists will use an autoclave machine to sterilize.

There are many cool tattoo ideas, like; a simple commemorative one that signifies the day your baby was born by tattooing their first feet print with the date of birth under them. I have also seen a lot of morbid and vivid colored tattoos like skin ripped open revealing skeletal parts. These tattoos are called 3d tattoos and are also becoming very popular with tattoo lovers today.

All tattoos are forever, so if you are thinking about getting inked, you should really research all types of tattoos out there. Tattooing has become quite the art form and has many different cool tattoo ideas to choose from, so my best advice would be; make it memorable, you are the canvas make sure you are an original.

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