Awesome Egyptian Tattoo Designs

Egyptian Tattoo Designs ImageThe tattoo is a highly popular art form and it has slowly evolved into a thriving industry. Millions of people around the world are joining this trend and think that it’s cool to have cone. While tattoo might be just an eye candy for some people, for others it’s a constant reminder of what they believe in. Egyptian tattoo designs have gained widespread popularity in the past few years. In fact, ancient Egyptians were themselves pioneers in this field and have contributed a lot to modern tattoo world. They’ve been using tattoos for many social and religious reasons.

Ancient Egyptian tattoo designs were quite complicated and these designs were often used at birth and marriage ceremonies. However, lot has changed since then, and now there’s no more religion as far as tattoos are concerned. Most of the ancient Egyptian tattoo designs still provide lot of inspiration to the modern tattoo world. Today the top choice for many of those who want Egyptian tattoos are Anun Ra, Osiris, or Isis. There are many other designs used as inspiration, like their symbols or hieroglyphs.

There are so many reasons for society’s obsession with everything Egyptian. Mummies, museum exhibitions and tomb excavations, Hollywood depictions, specials on the Discovery channel and mystery that surrounds the land keeps millions interested in this unique culture. The mere images of the great Sphinx and the Pyramids elicit curiosity in people of all age groups and gender. It’s obvious why their tattoos are so popular even today.

The many half-animals/half-human gods and goddesses from the ancient Egyptian culture and lore lends themselves to be beautifully and intricately designed as intricately drawn tattoos. The other characters and shapes that have elicited great interest are Amun and Bastet. Hieroglyphics and various other ancient symbols are also incorporated in large sized tattoos. Scarabs, sphinxes, cats, and phoenixes are high in demand as are various objects taken from various ancient Egyptian magic amulets such as the eye of Horus, the modified crosses called ankhs, birds and cobras.

All these intricate tattoo designs Egyptian can be a big challenge for any tattoo artist. You can do some research and add your own twist to these tattoo designs. Most of the Egyptian tattoos are colorful and awesome, and once you have one you can flaunt it everywhere you go!

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