Baby Angel Tattoos: When One Is Taken Too Soon.

The loss of a loved one is painful, especially if that love one is a child. During the grieving process, there is a stage where you would want to place that person in memorandum. This means you want to memorialize that child and a way that people, especially you, would remember them. Tattoos are usually used to show a transition in life, and the loss of a child could be symbolized by a tattoo. Baby angel tattoos have become a popular way to honor the child’ life and remember them forever. Sometimes the tattoos are worn for infants that did not survive childbirth and never knew what it was like to live and experience life.

Baby Angel Tattoo ImageThere are many types of baby angel tattoos. Most are the angelic genre with a baby with wings on their back. This symbolizes that they have moved on to another spiritual plane. Some believe that the angel is what we become when we ascend to heaven and with the wings of the child, the tattoo represents the child in a happy place under the protection of God. Most of these tattoos portray the baby in cherub form, chunky, roly-poly, and healthy.  There is usually a brush of red or pink on the child’s checks to let the wearer know that the baby is healthy and safe.

Sometimes the name of the baby is tattooed on either above the angel, below the angel, or on the angel itself. Some tattoos present halos around the baby’s head and the name is written into halo. When the name itself is not used, then a small quote or saying is inscribed around the tattoo. Some examples are, “Love Always” or “Rest in Peace.” Whatever the quote is, it should represent how the wearer of the tattoo feels about the child or how that child should be honored. It is a sad tattoo behind the ink, but the ink shows remembrance, love, and caring.

The angle baby tattoos can also be inked in different stances. The baby could simply be sitting on the ground facing sideways looking back over their shoulders or the child could be ascending into heaven on a road of stars. Other tattoos around the child can accent the main tattoo of the child. Rainbows, crescent moons, stars, or clouds can be drawn around the child to represent that the child have moved on to another existence. Most of these tattoos are inked so that they inspire emotion and hope. The feeling of sadness is also felt and people who sees the tattoo displayed are sometimes filled with empathy.

If you have lost someone close to you, especially a child, consider a baby angel tattoo. Tattoos are forever and when you look down and see the eyes of the cherub like baby staring back, you can remember the emotion of the day of the lost. This emotion is soon overcome with the realization that baby is in a better place and soon you will be reunited to love and be together forever.

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