Basketball Tattoos: No Fouls Here!

If you love to shoot hoops and you love tattoos, check out basketball tattoos. You may not be a Michael Jordan of a Magic Johnson, but you don’t have to be to love the game. Basketball is like chess that moves at the speed of light. People love the game who have never held a ball. Transfer that love into a basketball themed tattoo that tells the world that you love the sport and everything that goes with it. Even if you never played, be the fan that displays his sport on his skin.

Basketball Tattoo ImageBasketball tattoos can be represent anything about the game. A favorite player, a favorite team, or a favorite jersey number can let the world know what and who you represent. For example, a popular basketball tattoo is a team’s logo. Whether it is the 76ers or the Nuggets, the logo can be inked across the back or your shoulders, on the forearm, or across the chest. The tattoo will represent the ultimate statement of fandom. You buddies will know who you back without asking and you can proudly display that representation watching the game at the local bar or in a crowded living room with your friends.

A logo might be too much to start with so you might want to go with a more simplistic tattoo. A tattoo of a basketball itself or a hoop and net might be a subtle start if this is your first tattoo. You can embellish it more as time goes by or when you decide you need more ink. Another humble tattoo is just the jersey number of your favorite player. Even if people who see it are not basketball fans, they will recognize the number. A simple 12 on your arm or calf will let everyone know that you are a fan of Michael Jordan.

Your imagination is the limit when you try to decide what kind of basketball tattoos mirror your personality. Ask your artist for some ideas or come up with some of your own and see if they are doable. You might want to mix and match several tattoos so that you come up with your own distinct mix. Make sure that the team or player is the one you want to follow for life. A bad season or a scandal can give your tattoo a whole different meaning than the one you intended.

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