Beautiful Big Cat Tattoos

Big Cat Tattoos ImageBig cat tattoos are in high demand among women as they make a surprisingly sexy look in them. Few decades back, cat tattoos were mostly adorned by cat crazy people, but today they are in demand for number for different reasons.

First of all, for all those who love cats, there’s no better way to remember their loving pet in a lasting way than to get any big cat tattoos of your pet’s face. Their realistic tattoo will them of their cat for the rest of their life, and if done beautifully will also look great.

Many cat owners know that they have a personal affinity for their cats. In fact, many of them see some of the cat like characteristics in their own personality. There are many unique characteristics of a cat that are good in people-they are cunning, intelligent, athletic, sensual, perceptive and agile. They are very alert and have keen senses.

Most of these amazing characteristics can be easily conveyed through a big cat tattoos. Depending upon your needs, these designs can be iconic or realistic. They can be traditional or modern.

There’s a long glorious tradition of impressive cat designs and cat tattoos in the art of various cultures, and this dates back to thousands of years. There are many statues and drawings of cats in Egypt, and ancient Egyptians used to worship them. Hieroglyphic styled big cats tattoos are very impressive and is the best and simplest way to capture the spiritual aspect of the feline form.

Aside from big cats and wild cats, even domesticated cats are in great demand for tattoo designs. Different species of cats have been glorified in the traditional art, and are often associated with rare qualities, such as the fierce tiger, or that majestic lion. Many people opt for tiger statues as they look great due to the pattern of their stripes. They are mostly preferred by women.

As you’ve seen, a cat tattoo can be a best option for you whether you are interested in getting a tattoo of a big cat, wild cat or a pet cat. They are not just suitable for the weird ones, but also for you!

When are want to choose a tattoo design, you should go for something that is unique and says something about you. This will help you in making a statement and you will enjoy it for many more years.

The best way to select the right cat tattoo design for yourself is to start by looking at a large selection of different cat tattoo designs. You can find many options online. Even if you are interested in creating your own custom design, studying other designs is a good way to get some inspiration that you can use for developing your own theme.

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