Beautiful Tattooed Women

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and every person will have certain things they look for in a girl. Some look for the color of the hair, some the shape of a body, some even look at size of certain features -(wink wink)-. But now there is a whole new breed of women out there, tattooed women.

A tattooed woman is nothing new, many have been getting tattoos for thousands of years, but the sexiness of it has finally come to the mainstream world and now considered sexy and not taboo by many.

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You will now see doctors and nurses, police women, models, and television stars all having tattoos. That is a huge step for the tattoo world . Women have long fought for equal rights, it is good to see that they are now considered beautiful with tattoos as well. Not to say that the tattooed girl at the circus wasn’t beautiful, but now with the advances in tattooing, A woman can achieve such a colorful array of art and truly express her inner self on her skin. That to me is true beauty, someone who has the strength to express to the world how they feel, with their skin as their own personal¬†billboard.

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