Best Friend Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

Sometime in your life you will have that ‘best’ friend that will do or die for you no matter what. They are very rare and sometimes comes only once in a lifetime. When you find that friend and you know that the friendship is solidified, you might want to get a best friend tattoo to show how much you mean to each other. The best friend is not gender specific and you may find that your best friend is of the opposite gender. No worries! There are many best friend tattoo ideas out there the both of you can wear.

One of the simplest best friend tattoo idea is just the other person’s name tattooed somewhere on your body. Having that name on your body shows that you are a true friend. When people think about tattoos it is usually for personal reasons, but having the other person’s name on your body shows that you are unselfish and really admire that person. It could be a stand-alone tattoo or it could be intertwined with another tattoo design that also symbolizes friendship. This idea is very simple, but could be elaborated with a special font or language that signifies friendship.

Best Friend Tattoo Ideas ImageAnother best friend tattoo idea is to have the tattoo of a heart torn in half. Just like the iconic piece of jewelry that you see lovers and friends have where the heart is torn and one person wears half the heart and the other person wears the other half. This broken heart tattoo can be tattooed on as a that piece of jewelry or just be a stand-alone tattoo that is placed somewhere besides the chest. The name of the best friend can by on your half or you can have a saying or quote that is separated by the two tattoos.

Best friend tattoos can also be created from any tattoo design. Just have half the tattoo inked on you and the other half inked on your best friend. Though it may be awkward looking when you are not around your best friend, but it is a good story to tell when you are asked about half a tattoo. When you are both together, it is really cool to put the tattoos together to see the finished work. If the friendship goes sour, you can always fill up that missing half of the tattoo to make it whole.

A warning! Though you might think that your friendship will last forever, and it probably will, there is a chance that the friendship might end through some argument or situation. Have a back plan available so that you can either cover or expand the tattoo to make it appear as a different tattoo all together. This could be done with tattoo removal or a cover up tattoo that will incorporate the original tattoo into a new design, or it can be colored in within the new tattoo will it will disappear altogether. So make sure you feel comfortable about committing to a best friend tattoo.

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