Black Light Tattoos: See Your Inspiration Glow

Back in the seventies, it was cool to have a black light poster in your room. With wild, hippy-dippy colors, and scenes of love, flowers, and rainbows, these posters would glow in dark when a black light was lit. It added mood to the party or a little bit of funky romance on a date. The days of the black posters are dimming but the black light tattoo scene is coming of age. These tattoos are only seen with black lights. This allows them to glow with color at the rave or nightclub and to show the world that you are hip to the new innovations of body art.

Black Light Tattoo ImageUltra violet ink or UV in is used instead of the traditional tattoo ink. When the tattoo is fully healed, the tattoo cannot be seen in the normal light. It actually matches the color of the skin. You do not have to wear long sleeves when you go to work or hide your tattoo when your mom is around. Nobody will see it at all. Like the old haircut the “Mullet”, business in the daytime and rocker at night. When the UV light hits the tattoo it will be visible and, according to the color of the ink, vibrant and exciting.

Why would you want a tattoo that no one can see? Many people love tattoos, but some of our society looks down on them. It is hard to find a job when run by these kinds of people, so tattoos are usually hidden. Like witches from Salem, a person with perfectly good tattoos has to hide them so that live among the non-inked world.  If you have a profession such as a teacher or work with people, tattoos are usually asked to be covered. With a black light tattoo, the wearer can choose when and where it will be displayed, and the plain skin masses have no clue.

When you a black light tattoo, make sure that you treat it like a normal tattoo. Know what you want, what you really want, before you put the needle to the skin. Make sure the artist is confident to transferring your ideas into a tattoo and really discuss the reality of the design with the concept in your mind. The tattoo will look skin colored and you will not see it. Make sure that in time, the black light idea will not fade. This means, as you grow older and your lifestyle changes, will the tattoo come back to haunt you the next time you are under a UV light.

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