Boob Tattoos: Enhance Your Breasts without Surgery

Some women like to draw attention to their breasts and will do anything to enhance that area of the body. If you are inclined to enhance that area of your body, boob tattoos could be a better choice than breast enhancement surgery. Breast enhancement surgery costs a lot of money and as you age the enhancement may not be as attractive as it was when you were younger. Many women will have the enhancements removed as they age. By tattooing your breasts, you will have an enhancement that will draw attention to your breasts and at the same time have a tattoo that will stay with you for life. Surgery fades, but a tattoo will keep your breasts in the spotlight for years to come.

Boob Tattoos ImageBoob tattoos can be of anything that you wish. Most people will get tattoos as a symbol of a belief or a turning point in their life. When choosing your tattoo, make sure it is something that you will want for a life time. It could be symbolist or exotic. The breasts are already a sensual part of the body and the tattoo will bring out the sensuality and add something to the bedroom.

Decide where you want to have the tattoo. You can be inked at the top of your breast to show when you are wearing a low cut top or blouse, or you could have an intricate tattoo coming from your cleavage. Though it may be a little more painful, a tattoo on the nipple or areola could really draw that attention of that man in your life. Ideas for a nipple tattoo could be a flower, a bunny, or even something darker like a pentagram or dragon.

The size of the tattoo is up to you but it should be in proportion of your breast size. A small tattoo on large breasts could be attractive if placed in the right place, but with large boobs you have a large canvas to work on and a larger tattoo could be more appropriate. For smaller breasts, though the canvas is smaller, the smaller tattoo might work better. For those small cup sizes, the entire boob could be tattooed. Some creative tattoos for small breasts could be the tattoo of a serpent encircling around the nipples on one side with its tail going across the cleavage and encircling the nipple on the other breast.

As with all tattoos, boob tattoos can be painful. Pain is a threshold sensation and the level of pain that one can take is different for each individual. Before the tattoo process starts, have the artist use the needle without ink in the area that you want to tattoo. See what kind of pain it is going to be before you start. If you cannot handle the pain with a dry needle, you would not to be half way through the process and stop. This would leave a half-finished tattoo that would not be attractive. To remove that tattoo would cause more pain and even scarring from laser tattoo removal procedures.

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