Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Are Pink

Breast Cancer Ribbon TattoosBreast cancer awareness has become universally depicted as a single pink ribbon. This symbol not only helps to promote awareness of the disease that could afflict any would, but it also stands as remembrance for those women who have lost their own battles with breast cancer. Breast cancer ribbon tattoos have become a way to show awareness toward those who have lost their battle with breast cancer as well as a message to the future generation.

As a tribute to those who have struggled and lost their own battle with breast cancer and in support of breast cancer awareness some women choose to get tattoos depicting the symbolic pink ribbon. This ribbon holds meaning to so many people who have either fought with breast cancer themselves, or know someone who has lost the fight. Many of these women choose to commemorate those lost, struggling, or those that have survived in the form of breast cancer ribbon tattoos. This body art allows people to reflect upon the disease and carry this remembrance of their loved ones with them.

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers that women are afflicted by. The importance of proper screening and better care and treatment is an on going battle.

The single pink ribbon is a cry for women’s health. Immortalizing this ribbon permanently on your body allows you to carry the message of breast cancer awareness with you wherever you go.

The pink ribbon, which is the universal symbol for breast cancer awareness, is becoming worn more permanently as a tattoo. These tattoos can be made in a plethora of shapes and sizes. Some of these pink ribbon tattoos are adorn by hearts or flowers while others serve as a more heartfelt reminder of whom an individual has lost. Breast cancer ribbon tattoos allow people to bare the message of the fight that many women have to face within their lifetime. These tattoos show solidarity to work towards having a world of healthy, breast cancer free women.

Every person’s encounter with breast cancer is different and every person holds a different story to how the disease has affected them or someone that they hold dear. Breast cancer awareness tattoos are asked to be placed in a variety of places on the body. Some women choose to have the commemoration more vocal and visible by getting them on the ankle, wrist or behind the ear. Other women create a more private memorial and get them in places more readily hidden by clothing. Some women choose to permanently wear the pink ribbon close to their heart and breast. No matter where these breast cancer awareness tattoos are placed, they serve as a silent reminder of the hardships some have faced and the battle to find a cure to this hardship and pain.

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