Breast Cancer Tattoos Raise Awareness

Tattoos generally have a symbolic meaning for those who get them. They are sometimes meant to represent a quality or trait that the person has or wants to have. At other times the tattoos are meant to give a reminder to the person who gets the tattoo. Sometimes it is a message to onlookers. Words such as “Inspire” or “Love” or symbols that represent these things can often be found. There seems to have been a rise of breast cancer tattoos to raise awareness within individuals and among communities of these said individuals.

Breast Cancer Tattoos Image Breast cancer tattoos can have many meanings for the people who acquire them. One look through Google images and you can find several different versions of the pink ribbons normally associated with breast cancer. These tattoos come in several shapes and sizes, and are generally symbolic of hope or loss. While pink is the general color associated for the ribbons, there are different shades of red available for the people who choose to get them. This is to say that there is not really a right or wrong way to have them made, however it just so happens that pink is the universal color for these ribbons.

Generally on the positive side, breast cancer tattoos with words such as hope or love are meant to remind a person of just that. Many times we hope for things to get better regardless of the circumstances. Sometimes we are faced with challenges that can seem daunting if not near impossible to overcome. But that is where hoping and praying come to play. Not everyone is religious and I don’t mean to impose anything, but sometimes miracles do happen, and they happen to people of any sort of faith. One must remember that while life is not always fair, there is always the chance that things will get better. Sometimes there is a working force underneath the surface that works in favor of the people undergoing the stress and concerns associated with cancers.

Love is often symbolized by hearts, Chinese characters, or sometimes phrases. When placed alongside or on top of a breast cancer tattoo, it can mean that the person chooses to give love to those who are under the effects of this particular type of cancer. If the person is a survivor of this condition, they are more likely to feel sympathy for those who are currently undergoing treatment. Perhaps they may be inherently trying to send love to those people. In a sense it may be for them to say that they have been there too, and have decided to be there for others in the same predicament.There is also the possibility that they are in the state of having the cancer, and would want to receive the love and attention that they deserve. When undergoing treatment, a person doesn’t really know if they are going to live or die. The success and survival rate of people who go through chemotherapy is very low. Essentially they are killing cancerous cells in the process, but they also start killing living cells as well.

In conclusion, breast cancer tattoos are great ways to raise awareness.

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