Cancer Awareness Tattoos – Spreading the Word Through Body Art

Cancer Awareness Tattoos ImageThe world over, people have used tattoos as a means of expression no matter which part of the body they are displayed on. However, many people have now chosen this mode of expression as a means of showing solidarity with those suffering from the disease cancer. Cancer awareness tattoos are not just artistic impressions but a means of showing one’s support to a loved one or others suffering from this dreaded illness.

There is a widespread ignorance about the illness, and ribbon tattoos have been chosen by many as a means of spreading information and understanding about it. Cancer ribbon tattoos are now a cool means of getting unaware individuals to take heed of the illness. Scores of people lose their lives to the illness and a tattoo can be a way of opening up the difficult subject to discussion.Cancer specific ribbon tattoos may be donned by those who have survived the illness, who are currently patients and those who may have lost someone they love to the illness. There are many others out there who get the tattoo simply as a means of spreading more awareness or to pay homage to those who are suffering from or have succumbed to the illness. Cancers are of different kinds and accordingly, the color of the ribbon varies as well. Pink for breast cancer is just one example. Here are some ways in which you can sport the tattoo.

Using a decorative form of the ribbon of your choice, you can choose to have words like “live”, “strength” and “Life” tattooed on your body. This could be on your back, your arm or even your wrist. Hope is another word you can have tattooed where the ‘e’ is replaced with the ribbon. Lower back tattoos can be made with the ribbon to sport words like “mom”, “dad” “bro” or “sis” as a tribute to someone you love. The ribbon can also be shaped to look like a heart.

A gray tattoo is a symbol of brain cancer and this can be manipulated to show strength in the shape of an anchor. Putting up little stars around it is a symbol of spreading the information and lighting up the world with it. Put on a blue ribbon for cervical cancer on your hip and make it the body of a butterfly. A two-tone design will help it stand out on your body. The same can be done for a breast cancer ribbon with a butterfly in flight and with stars all around it to symbolize the dissemination of information.

A cancer tattoo of any color can be more somber in nature with it being at the center of a pair of angel’s wings; it can be a tribute to anyone you may have lost to the illness. Having their nature or a word in their honor added to the tattoo is something you can consider as well.

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