Cancer Ribbon Tattoos – A Reminder To Fight

Whether you are battling cancer yourself or if you want to show your love and support for a friend or family member who may be dealing with the disease, cancer ribbon tattoos are a great way to show you care while also staying strong through the process of treatments and overcoming cancer altogether. Many cancer patients themselves choose to get cancer ribbon tattoos to help them with staying strong and overcoming the battle they are facing in any stage of cancer. Having a cancer ribbon tattoo done by family members and friends to show support is also fitting for any situation involving cancer and loved ones.

Who Gets Cancer Ribbon Tattoos?

Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Image A cancer ribbon tattoo can be a symbol to remember a loved one that has passed away from cancer, or an homage to fighting the disease and a testament to extreme strength and willpower. Each color of the ribbons that represent survivors and fighting cancer symbolizes a specific type of cancer that the patient has been affected by in the past or is currently struggling to overcome. Getting a cancer tattoo done on yourself is possible once you determine the ribbon color that is right for the message you want to share with others.

Having a tattoo of a cancer ribbon is a way to stand strong while showing others that it is important to take pride in strength and being there for loved ones during traumatic times. It is also a way to showcase your own obstacles in life that you have had to overcome or that you are still working to overcome yourself.

Before Getting a Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

Before getting a cancer ribbon tattoo, research the colors and meanings of each ribbon and the type of cancer the ribbon you want to get represents. You should also consider the size of the tattoo you are interested in and the amount you want to invest in having the tattoo completed. If you are thinking of having the tattoo in front of or behind specific artwork that will also be tattooed on you, finding inspiration is highly recommended to know exactly what you want when you begin to work with a professional tattoo artist.

Colors of Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

There are many different colors of ribbons available that represent various types of cancer and struggles that are associated with the disease as well. One of the most popular cancer ribbons is the pink ribbon, which represents breast cancer. Pink ribbons are symbolic of breast cancer and can be found in magnets, bumper stickers and even on clothing to help with supporting the battle against the cancer and all of those affected by it. Researching the types of ribbons and the meanings of color will help you to decide on the tattoo that is best for you depending on the message you want to convey to others or be reminded of with yourself each day.

The yellow cancer ribbon not only represents soldiers and those who have served in the military, but it is also representative of suicide prevention, bladder cancer, amber alerts and even endometriosis. Additionally, the yellow ribbon that can be tattooed can also signify hope for any purpose or struggle.

The purple ribbon is meant to represent thyroid cancer, pancreatic cancer, ADD, Alzheimer’s, testicular cancer and even domestic violence. Fibromyalgia, colitis and even Crohn’s disease are also represented with the purple ribbon.

Representing cancer in general along with epilepsy is most common with a lavender colored ribbon, whereas a periwinkle ribbon often symbolizes pulmonary hypertension and some of the most widespread eating disorders.

A red ribbon is known to represent victims who are struggling with HIV or AIDS, although it can also represent strokes and heart disease.

Blue cancer ribbons often represent drunk driving victims, child abuse, colon cancer and in some cases, it may also simply represent anti-tobacco views and outlooks.

A green ribbon signifies kidney cancer along with tissue and organ donations, missing children, environmental concerns and childhood depression as well.

Words That Fit Well With a Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

[covertplayersinglevideo trvideoid=”IXVC58N0dlk” trdisplaytype=”5″ trnumbervideosdisplay=”” trvideoperpage=”36″ trthumbnailwidth=”155″ trthumbnailheight=”100″ trpopupwidth=”665″ trpopupheight=”365″ trvideoalign=”left”]Although you may be thinking of getting a traditional cancer ribbon tattoo that includes only the ribbon itself, it is also possible to have a customized cancer ribbon tattoo created which includes inspiring and thoughtful words. Some popular words that are often associated with cancer ribbon tattoos include:

  • Strength
  • Love
  • Hope
  • Peace
  • Faith
  • Survivor

Positive words can help with identifying the meaning of your tattoo when sharing it with others while also being a constant reminder to fight and to never give up, even when the battle of cancer becomes intense and overbearing. Using positive words and mantras can help with boosting the mood and feeling positive during treatments and even surgeries that may be required from cancer.

How to Get the Ideal Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

Once you have decided that you are ready for your own cancer ribbon (whether it represents your own battle or a loved one’s), you can begin to search for the type of cancer ribbon you are interested in by visiting local tattoo shops and also by searching for inspiration from home, online.

Aside from using books and tattoo shops to get ideas of the tattoos that are most interesting to you, browsing the internet is a great way to view thousands of options that can help you to get more creative when you are making your own tattoo design. Looking online is a way to view new options when designing the layout of your tattoo and the placement that is best for your body and whether you plan to share the message you have tattooed at all times or not.

Searching for the Right Tattoo Artist

Searching for the right tattoo artist for the cancer ribbon you want to get is possible by asking for referrals, visiting local tattoo shops and even comparing work experience and portfolios from home, online. Locating the right tattoo artist online and in person is a way to view previous works and portfolios to help with finding an artist that is the most suitable for the tattoo you have in mind. Once you have determined the style you like most with tattoos, you can then begin to eliminate tattoo artists from your options that do not fit with your own tattoo plans.

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