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Samurai Tattoo: Showing the World You Are More than a Warrior

The Samurai where ancient warriors that ruled the streets of Japan. Armed with a razor sharp sword called a Katana, the Samurai policed the towns and provinces and helped to protect the Japanese empire. They were known as street judges and would make judgments on people that committed crimes and would serve punishment to these…

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Sensational Amazing Japanese Cloud Tattoos

Those who are looking to get a deeply meaningful and symbolic tattoo should consider researching Japanese cloud tattoos. There are some rules regarding these tattoos and what they mean. Some folklore is that once this tattoo is on a person, as long as a person follows a particular code, that they are protected and can’t…

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The Most Popular Form of Asian Tattoo Styles is The Symbol

Asian Tattoo styles have become a constant favorite for those looking to add some ink to their bodies and embellish their skin. The most popular form of the Asian tattoo styles is without a doubt the symbol or character.Tattoos are considered a permanent form of expression so it is no surprise that most people turned…

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