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Sailor Jerry Tattoos & Norman Collins Tattoo Flash Ideas

Sailor Jerry Tattoos & Flash Ideas One of Sailor Jerry tattoos most preferred tattoo styles was the ingest bird. Maritime celebrities were tattooed on seafarers as an idea that they assist direct the soldiers residence while maintaining them on the best training course of their lives. Various other prominent Sailor Jerry tattoo styles consist of…

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Cute Tattoo Ideas; Fairies, Cartoon & Comic Book Characters?

Sometimes you want a tattoo and you are not really concerned with meaning or depth. You just want a tattoo that is cute. What some considers cute, might not be cute for others, but pick something that you think is cute. Cuteness is a preference and a perception, so if something catches your eye, go…

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Homer Simpson Tattoos Show Personality

The Simpson’s have been on the air on Fox for over twenty years and Homer, the father of this dysfunctional family has become one of the most loved characters. Homer is iconic because he acts out what ever man would want to do if not afraid of losing his family, his job, or his sanity.…

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