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Fitting Foot Tattoo Ideas

When most people think about tattoos, they think about the arm, chest, or back. The foot is also a canvas for unique and beautiful body art. The foot is often covered, especially if you live in cold climates, but for women, the foot is exposed in sandals and open toes shoes. Women who may shy…

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Foot Tattoo Ideas

When people think about tattoos, they usually associate them on the arms, legs, or torso.  The foot seems to be forgotten but good foot tattoo ideas are out there. Even if you live in the colder regions of the world, open toed shoes or no shoes time comes around a few times a year. Why…

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Foot Print Tattoos A Popular Choice

Today in almost every tattoo shop, every artist has almost guaranteed, done a foot print tattoo. Foot print tattoos have surged in popularity in the decade to become one of the more commonly done tattoos in a tattoo shop. Foot print tattoos are used to symbolize a baby or pet. most commonly a baby as…

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