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Tattoo Heart: Different Beats for Different Peeps

A tattoo heart is one of the most popular tattoos today and, for that matter, in the past. The heart represents love. A person who gets a heart tattoo does so to show the world that he or she has a deep passion or love for someone else or a concept. If you are looking…

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You Are Not a Momma’s Boy if You Have a Mom Tattoo

She gave you life. She gave you love. She whipped your butt when you needed it. She is your mom.  Why not honor with a Mom tattoo? That’s right, give the gift of forever by having a mom tattoo inked on your skin. She might balk about you getting a tattoo or another, but once…

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Creative Tattoo Ideas with Meaning

Tattoos have been popular since centuries and, date back to the Neolithic times. In fact, tattoos can mean so many different things to different people, places, spiritual devotion, animals, flowers, symbols of loves, commitment, just to name a few. In the recent years, many tattoos ideas have gained widespread popularity, and many youngsters now use…

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