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Native American Tattoos: Show the Pride of the Indigenous People

Native American tattoos are become very popular because of the deep history and proud tradition of the indigenous people they represent. Some people will choose these types of tattoos because they look good without knowing the meaning of the symbols. If one is interested in a tattoo of this nature, look into the history and…

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Native American Tattoos Speak of Heritage and History

Many early American Indians incorporated tattoo art into their culture. In earlier centuries Native Americans used on objects like sharpened bones or rocks to carve tattoos into their skin. Then they would for the tattoo outline with natural dyes or soot. The reasons for people getting these tattoos were many and both men and women…

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Delicate and Primitive, Down-to-Earth and Sky-Bound: The Feather Tattoo

When cave men and women decided to decorate themselves, one of the first materials that came to hand would have been feathers. Feathers didn’t require digging in the ground, like diamonds: feathers would have simply fallen to the earth, a gift of nature. What could be more inspiring? Even if man couldn’t fly, his spirit…

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