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Old School Tattoo is Term Used for Traditional Tattooing

Old school tattoo is a term used for traditional tattooing, This is the art of tattooing from the early 1900’s to the 60’s.  This style of tattooing has rose once again in popularity and stemmed many new styles of work including new school and neo traditional tattooing. The old school tattoo is a more basic…

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Anchors Tattoos, A Sailors Reminder To Keep Grounded

There are many reasons to get an anchor tattoo. Anchor tattoos originated in tattooing as a sailors reminder to keep them grounded and safe. Many sailors got them before sailing out to keep them safe or after they returned to remember the voyage. In the Navy, the tradition was when a sailor crossed the ocean…

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Sailor Jerry Tattoos Live On

Vintage styled tattoos are typically a popular choice among those who enjoy getting inked up. One of the most alluring and common form of vintage tattoos include Sailor Jerry Tattoos. These are tattoos that represent popular fashion, symbols and trends that occurred in the 1950’s. This includes anchors, pin-up girls, music symbols and those iconic…

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