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Cross Tattoos Changed The View On Tattooed People

The reasons for getting tattoos can very as much as the design itself. People often get cross tattoos to show tribute, proclaim faith, or for cultural reasons. Of the types showing tribute these are often related to a loved one who has passed on. These types of tattoos often list the name and lifespan of…

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Crucifix Tattoo Designs & Ideas Inspired by History, Religion & Tradition

Crucifix tattoo designs are common among Catholics. The crucifix tattoo is a powerful symbol that represents the focal point of their beliefs, that Jesus died on the cross to redeem humanity. Some Christian denominations use a bare cross to emphasize Jesus’ resurrection. Catholics include the image of Christ’s body on the cross to represent his…

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Rosary Bead Tattoo Designs Represent Religious Beliefs & Ideas

Rosary Bead Tattoo Ideas For many people that have rosary bead tattoo, is because rosaries are an essential tool in keeping the Christian faith. They keep their religion close to theirs heart and mind. Christian believers see the rosary as the Gospel in beaded form and serve as both an aid in memory and for…

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