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Stars Tattoo: From Direction to Religion

The star tattoo has been popular since its conception decades ago. Both genders are wearing the star tattoo in various forms for various reasons. There are several star designs that will have different significance for the wearer and the viewer alike. They are almost cryptic in nature with a general symbolism, but an individual conception…

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Spotlight on Star Tattoos

Are you a “juke box hero”, with a star in your eye? Maybe an Ace Frehley fan from the band “kiss”? If your ambitions are to be in the spotlight, transfer those ambitions into a star tattoo. A tattoo of a star represents that there is more in your life than what others might see.…

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Tattoo Stars – Choosing the Perfect Color

Tattoo stars have gained widespread popularity due to various reasons. Still, their splendor and glamour at night intrigues astronomers and the common people alike. Some have fallen in love with these bright starts so much that they’ve taken a plunge and got cosmos tattooed right on tier bodies! Well, there’s both a right and a…

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