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Spotlight on Star Tattoos

Are you a “juke box hero”, with a star in your eye? Maybe an Ace Frehley fan from the band “kiss”? If your ambitions are to be in the spotlight, transfer those ambitions into a star tattoo. A tattoo of a star represents that there is more in your life than what others might see.…

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Symbolism Of The Moon In Modern Tattoos

Tattoos are often more than just a piece of attractive art. The tattooed find the symbolism of the tattoos they get to be greatly important in their decisions to be tattooed. Since early days of modern tattoo art, many symbols have had levels of meaning that a typical onlooker might not understand. The moon has…

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Pisces Tattoos Is A Vast Compilation Of Artistic Creativity Utilizing Unique Tattooing Styles

The unique styles of tattooing can be reflected through the creative images of Pisces tattoos. Let’s have a discussion about fish, not about catching, cleaning, and cooking them, but about the imagery of tattoos reflecting the universal adopted styles of tattooing through depictions of fish. One type of specific fish that are inked a lot…

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The Symbolism Behind Celtic Cross Tattoos

Many individuals get all types of tattoos that may represent different meanings or stories about themselves. Some people put a lot of thought into the tattoo that they are going to get and usually can tell a story to go along with it. Celtic cross tattoos are extremely popular for their designs and meaning behind…

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Cancer Awareness Tattoos – Spreading the Word Through Body Art

The world over, people have used tattoos as a means of expression no matter which part of the body they are displayed on. However, many people have now chosen this mode of expression as a means of showing solidarity with those suffering from the disease cancer. Cancer awareness tattoos are not just artistic impressions but…

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