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Symbolism Of The Moon In Modern Tattoos

Tattoos are often more than just a piece of attractive art. The tattooed find the symbolism of the tattoos they get to be greatly important in their decisions to be tattooed. Since early days of modern tattoo art, many symbols have had levels of meaning that a typical onlooker might not understand. The moon has…

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Inked Love For Your Mom

For each person on the planet, there is a mother out there whom shared a body with them for at least the first six months of their lives. What better way to show your appreciation to her than by branding your body forever with one of the latest mom tattoos available today. A common design…

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Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Designs Making Big Impression On Todays Culture

The Culture of Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Designs Did you know in ancient Hawaii tattooists were the only ones who determined the design of any tattoo. Artwork  such as Hawaiian flower tattoo designs could not be chosen the client? That’s just one difference between Hawaiian and Western forms of tattooing. You can learn about this and…

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