Chest Tattoo Designs For Men

Chest tattoos have been around since before the ancient Egyptians and were once believed to have magical powers that would help keep sickness away; however, today most men that get chest tattoos just want something that looks attractive and allows them to express themselves.

As with all areas of the body, tattoos on the chest can be large or small and customized. For those who are unsure about the artwork they’d like, there is usually a portfolio available at the front desk (or on a table if they have a waiting area) that will have chest tattoo designs for men.

Chest Tattoo Designs For Men ImageThe price of a chest tattoo depends on whether you’re getting a design with a lot of colors or one with few colors (black ink). Tattoo shops charge by the hour so the larger and more complex the tattoo, the more it will cost. A lot of tattoo artists charge $100 per hour.Chest tattoo designs for men, on average, are between $100 and $600. This is because most men that get artwork on their chest want something easily visible.Some men have chosen such large, complex tattoos that they’ve spent as much as $1400.

Some large chest tattoo designs for men that are popular amongst guys include dragons, faces of their favorite actors, women and wizards.

Those that opt for smaller tattoos usually choose to have animal faces, quotes or the names of loved ones. Asian symbols are also popular as well as knives or swords…fierce birds such as bald eagles and ravens are another popular choice of artwork.

Those who choose a custom tattoo but don’t have an idea in mind when entering a tattoo shop can bring this to the attention of the person at the front desk. Usually tattoo artists are more than happy to work with you and help you decide on a tattoo design you’ll be happy with.

It’s important to remember that when you’ve chosen your artwork and have made your appointment that you not be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. They will have you sign an agreement stating you’re not under any influence of drugs or alcohol, but it is your responsibility as the customer to ensure this is true.

Drugs and alcohol are can affect the body’s sensitivity, especially on an area that is already sensitive such as the chest.

The artist will show you how to properly care for your tattoo in order to prevent infection and most tattoo shops even carry their own supply of tattoo products, even chest tattoo designs for men.

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