Chest Tattoo Ideas; Ships, Flaming Playing Cards, Ships, The Four Horsemen & Skull Incorporated Angel Wings

Chest Tattoo Ideas

The chest and the back are two areas of the body that provides the biggest canvass in which to ink a tattoo. With such a large area, the right tattoo choice has to be made. Chest tattoos usually are bigger than normal tattoos and with that much area, they are a little pricey. That is why you want to have cool chest tattoo ideas before you even walk into your local tattoo parlor.

The Four Horseman

Chest Tattoo Ideas For Women - Heart, Lock and KeyThe four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is an excellent chest tattoo idea. Death, famine, war, and pestilence are the four Horsemen. You could have a tattoo of these four riding horses with eyes aflame. The horses could be riding out of the gates of hell with flames flowing backward from the mane. The four Horseman inspire fear and awe at the same time giving this tattoo a vibrant and dark look at the prophecy of the Apocalypse.

Angel Wings with a Skull CenterAngel Wings Skull Chest Tattoo Ideas Image

Angel wings tattooed on either side of your chest with a skull in the center makes a statement that you are a free spirit with a darker core. The skull could be tattooed between each breast on your chest bone while the wings can be tattooed on either side like the skull is flying. You could also create flames coming from the skulls eyes or barbed wire intertwined around the wings.


One of the oldest chest tattoo ideas is ships. These were worn by sailors for years and have become popular today. The ships can be modern, but the tattoo looks better if the old sailing ships are inked. You can have one large ship with intricate rigging tattooed or you can have two ships tattooed on either chest. You can embellish the design by having dark clouds or a raging ocean around the vessels.

Flaming Playing Cards

Flaming Playing Cards Chest Tattoo Ideas ImageA popular chest idea is flaming cards. These are tattoos of playing cards with flames coming off of them. You can have one card, most people pick the Ace of Spades, or several playing cards tattooed. These types of tattoos means that you are a gambler and you like to take chances. The cards can be tattooed face up or they can be twisted to make the tattoo truly original.

When you are thinking about a chest tattoo idea, make sure that you are sure that it is the one for you. There is a lot of ink in a chest tattoo and they are sometimes harder to remove or cover up. If you are a woman, the chest tattoo can be inked between your breasts above the cleavage, or you can have the tattoo on your actual breast. Sometimes chest tattoos are inked and combine to a tattoo on your back, shoulders, neck, or head. The combination of tattoos can be one continuous tattoo that encompasses your entire torso. Ask your tattoo artist is you cannot come up with any ideas. They are sure to have pictures of tattoos that you may inspire you.

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