Cloud Tattoo Designs That Blow Your Mind

Cloud tattoo designs having some of the most symbolic meanings across the board in the world of ink. A lot of people are often skeptical about what they get, and are more interested in getting something that is a little more general than anything else, more easily understood, etc. It is also a lot cheaper to get a design like this done, because it’s something common that is more or less easy to actually get drawn up or tattooed. There is a large variety of different styles of clouds, and each one has a different meaning and different look. Some people have a tendency to chase after the type of designs that are more literal, like a mural or detailed drawing of the sky with layers of clouds and sunshine. Two of the most common cloud tattoo designs consist of either a dreary day and grim looking clouds, or clouds that seem a little more bright and promising. People will always have a tendency to add some sort of personal or symbolic touch to something that is general, which makes it unique in itself without having to spend a ton of time thinking about how you are going to make it different than everyone else’s.

Cloud Tattoo Designs ImageOthers prefer to go with a more fictional version of cloud tattoo designs, or something that is just generally out of the ordinary with the same type of thought pattern. Another one of the popular cloud tattoo designs is the idea of “having your head up in the clouds” which symbolizes either being a dreamer or just generally enjoying a fade from reality. Cloud tattoo designs are also some of the few designs that can look voluminous without taking up a lot of space. The sad, true woe about tattoos is that in order to have something that is both noticeable and “spectacular”, you are going to have to take up a good little chunk of skin most of the time. A lot of people don’t have the will or want to do this, which is why playing around with designs and putting layers on it will make things seem a lot more ‘full’ to those looking at it.

Finally, when you are trying to decide which cloud design you want, take the time and understand the meaning of each. There are obviously a lot of different things you can do to it and add in to it in order to make it come out promising, and most importantly, to your liking. If you are an artist or know someone who has the time to work with you on it, see if you can get a sketch done beforehand. Going in to a tattoo parlor and asking them to mock up a design for you is going to end up costing you a lot, and you won’t have near as much time to work with them on it as you would want. Whether you want it to simply look daring and mind-blowing or have it symbolize something that is close to your heart, you can very rarely go wrong with this type of design, and you have plenty of room to work with!

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