Cloud Tattoos For Men

Over the past decades, tattoos have continued to increase in popularity due to the freedom to express one’s taste and style while using their body as a personal canvas. Tattoos have advanced in clarity, color, and technique over the past decade, now with the ability to capture portraits more accurately and look realistic with incredible color and design. For men, large tattoos that depict large settings have become most preferred. For many, an arm sleeve will represent an entire message or will capture an entire scene or location.

Cloud Tattoos For Men ImageClouds have continued to be represented in tattoos for men, enhancing the tattoo with a lifelike image that can depict heaven or be the backdrop to a person’s name. They are used to represent something powerful and meaningful with different shades used to add depth and texture. For those remembering a loved one, clouds are incredibly popular as a peaceful way of adding emphasis to the person’s name and to represent where they may be resting.

Some of the most beautiful cloud tattoos for men have used color where breathtaking shades of blues pop off of the skin for a supernatural effect. Unlike other trends or designs, clouds are timeless and have incredible imagery and meaning. Clouds are often used to represent faith and religion, often tattooed behind a picture of praying hands. For some, cloud tattoos for men can even be whimsical or set in a fantasy setting. Clouds can represent power and a force stronger than anything on earth, alluding to the afterlife.

To allow plenty of space for clouds, men often have the design tattooed on their chest, arms, back, or legs. To properly depict and tattoo clouds, there should be enough room for the clouds to look realistic and large enough to display. Some designs portray clouds as stark white against an electric blue background for a realistic image that can easily be confused with an actual photo.

For the common hipster or art major, cloud tattoos for men may appear like a cartoon for a funny or interesting design. The design appears more simple without many features, even having rain fall out of the cloud for an added effect. Some leave the cloud black, while others add plenty of shades of gray to enhance the image. Cartoons of this nature have more options on placement since it’s an easier tattoo to create, as they can be placed on hands, wrists, or even feet.

A popular image for many men is the atomic bomb tattoo, also known as the nuclear mushroom cloud explosion. This image is powerful and impressive, with plenty of life added to the tattoo with different layers to the scene that make it look three-dimensional. Adding colors can make the tattoo will make it look lifelike and more impressive, while leaving the tattoo in black and white will allow it to look like it’s set in another decade, easily referencing past images.

Cloud tattoos for men are incredibly versatile and can fit the style and taste of each person, made to fit the meaning and message of the tattoo for an unforgettable design that is timeless and will look fresh and detailed for many decades.

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