Cool Tattoos For Men

Cool Tattoos For Men ImageThere are so many styles of tattoos to choose from, but prospective clients often wonder what designs would be considered cool tattoos for men. Men definitely don’t want “girly” tats, such as feminine florals, unicorns, dolphins, or butterflies! Tribal tattoos are interesting enough, but all guys want something that will stand out in a crowd, without being “cheesy”. These are just some examples of cool tattoos for men. The ultimate decision on design is yours to make, but once you choose the perfect design, you will have a beautiful representation of your inner self.

Star designs have long been used throughout the history of tattoos, and can be modified to fit each person’s taste. For instance, I have seen one recently, which consisted of a basic star outline, filled in with red, and detailed with 3-D skulls. A very unique, manly piece! One particularly popular tat, the Nautical Star, is a good one that falls under the category of cool tattoos for men. This design is traditionally associated with sailors, is increasingly a favorite among tattoo enthusiasts.

Another popular tattoo for men is dragons. There are so many variations of this mythical creature, which can be interpreted into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that any man would be proud to wear. Dragons are thought to bring good luck in some cultures, which is why they are popular as tattoos.

Cool Tattoo Ideas For MenSkulls also fall under the cool mans tat category. Some skull tattoos can be cartoonish, while others can look very realistic, depending on the style the wearer wants to go with. Most tattooists excel at skull designs, as they are simple to work with, and can be manipulated to suit the client’s fancy. A man can’t go wrong with skulls.

Pin-up girls, while still a favorite among men, are not as common as they once were. Introduced in the 1890’s, these grew in popularity during World War 1, as military men would get these seductive pin-ups to remind them what they were fighting for, or a loved one back home. Over the decades the girls have changed with the times. Modern pin-up girl designs show a lot more skin, as opposed to vintage designs, but are still beautiful and unique.

Male Tattoo Ideas Gun ImageBig cats make cool tattoos for men as well, especially tigers. The tiger can be depicted as calm and serene, or as a snarling, vicious beast. Either way, the detail that goes into any tiger design is impeccable. A tiger tattoo is a sign of virility, and strength. The tiger has several qualities that men find appealing, such as dominance, sensitivity, focus, ferocity, strength, and loyalty, which is why they are drawn to getting tiger ink.

A true classic, eagles are generally a male design and almost always symbolize a free spirit. In American tattoo art, the eagle is most commonly associated with service men, but civilians also like these tattoos. The Bald Eagle especially, is considered majestic and patriotic, and many men choose this design as a way of showing honor and respect to the USA.

Regardless of which cool design you ultimately choose,your new tattoo is sure to be a conversation piece for weeks to come!

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