Cover Up Tattoos Can Hide That Unwanted Tattoo

Cover Up Tattoos ImageSometimes in life we all make mistakes, whether it be a tattoo of a ex or a tattoo that was done with bad judgement. the point is that it happens, we are all human and we all make mistakes. When it comes to a tattoo mistake or a bad tattoo, you do not need to live with that bad tattoo or your ex’s name across your bicep. Cover up tattoos are readily available and the main thing to look for is a well trained experienced tattoo artist.

Most tattoo artist will claim to do cover ups, but to do a proper cover up a tattoo artist must use many techniques and factors to make it successful. Always look at the artist portfolio before committing to cover up your tattoo. You should see before and after pictures and make sure that you can not see the old tattoo at all. If you do, it is time to move on and look for a new artist to cover up you tattoo.

A trained tattoo artist will use shading to camouflage the old one. After the shading you may see some of the tattoo, but it should not be recognizable as it was before.

After the shading the artist will use color to distract your eye away from the old tattoo that is remaining. A true cover up artist knows how to make all of these elements come together and make for a successful cover up tattoo.

Some artist will recommend using all black, this could work, but depending on the old tattoo that is getting covered, it could make for a bigger eye sore than before. If your old tattoo is raised and scarred at all, using all black may make that scarring worse and visible through the black after it is healed.

Ask your artist to check out your tattoo and make his recommendation for a cover up, you are the boss and if you do not like what your options are, a second opinion will not hurt.

Just make sure this time that you are sure of your tattoo and artist, because a cover up of a covered up tattoo is a whole other story.

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