Cross Tattoos for Men: Representing the Big Man

If you are religious or just like the look of a cross, cross tattoos for men are a statement of faith or a statement of taste. Cross tattoos have been traditionally used as a religious statement of Christianity. The tattoos represent Christ dying on the cross for the forgiveness of mankind’s sins. The cross is a symbol of Christianity and is held in great regard and reverence. To wear the cross as a tattoo is the ultimate representation of the Big Man, God.

Cross Tattoos For Men ImageCross tattoos for men have other meanings as well. The cross can be manipulated into several different versions such as the Iron Cross. The Iron Cross was a symbol that is usually associated with Nazi Germany, but it has been used by Germany in the distant past as something less evil. The cross dates back to the Napoleonic wars. It is a symbol of military prowess and it also represents the allegiance to the Catholic Church during the Crusades. It has also been associated with some biker gangs in Europe and the United States. The Iron Cross as a tattoo may have lost its original intent, but its popularity is on the surge.

The Celtic cross tattoo is another cross tattoo for men. The Celtic cross tattoo represents a person’s Celtic heritage and culture. Even people that are not Celtic has been seen wearing this tattoo because it also represents nature and life. This tattoo is not set in stone as one design. The design itself can be manipulated into a plethora of patterns and colors. If you are Irish or have at least a little Leprechaun spirit in you, than this design is for you. The Celtic cross has even been used incorrectly to represent the Boston Celtics, but if that is the representation you want, that is what tattooing is all about.

One of the most unique cross tattoos for men is the Gothic cross. This takes things a little of the dark side because the Gothic cross represents suffering, pain, darkness, and death. To have this cross inked is to let the world know that you are alone and with the addition of a skull, it portrays that you prefer the shadows.

As one can see, there is a plethora of choices of cross tattoos for men. No matter what the reason for the choice for a certain cross, be it religious or other, it is a strong statement. Make sure you faith or commitment to wear that tattoo is thought out thoroughly before you put ink to skin.

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