Cute Tattoo Ideas; Fairies, Cartoon & Comic Book Characters?

Sometimes you want a tattoo and you are not really concerned with meaning or depth. You just want a tattoo that is cute. What some considers cute, might not be cute for others, but pick something that you think is cute. Cuteness is a preference and a perception, so if something catches your eye, go ahead and think about getting that tattoo. Below are some cute tattoo ideas that might help you make that decision.

Cartoon Characters

Cute Tattoo Ideas ImageSome of the cutest tattoo ideas comes from cartoon characters. From tattoos of Yosemite Sam, Bugs Bunny, Bettie Boob, or even Daffy Duck, these tattoos can be drawn to be cute as well as naughty. If you find a design that you think would make a cute cartoon character tattoo, take it down to your local tattoo shop and see if the artist can copy it. If not, look around the shop while you are there. You might find the perfect cartoon tattoo that fits your personality and fits your style. Remember any tattoo can be altered, so just ask when you see that perfect one.

Comic Book Characters

Comic book characters are also a source of ideas for cute tattoos. You can choose from Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, or a slew of other comic book characters that can come to life on your body. You might want to combine tattoos so that they are cuter like Superman with a bouquet of flowers or Wonder woman scrubbing the floor. Your imagination is the limit as you mix and match comic book character to match that perfect cute tattoo idea. Even comic book characters like Sad Sack or Little Lulu can bring a new look to your tattoo collection.

Creatures of Myth

Cute Tattoo Ideas Bird ImageEven in the dark world of myth and fantasy, there are some cute creatures that would make an excellent cute tattoo idea. Dragons are dark and ferocious, but the right tattoo artist can twist around the gruesome creature and make it cute. Unicorns, fairies and other creatures of legend can be tattooed cute if the design is altered a little bit. Even adding a smile to an otherwise dark tattoo can give it an aura of cuteness that will definitely gain attention. Make sure that you ask your tattoo artist to show you the finished product on paper before ink hits the skin.


Fairies are the ultimate form of cuteness. From Tinker Bell to the Blue Fairy on “Once Upon A Time”, fairies have always had the characteristic of cuteness. It could be their tiny bodies, or their little wings, but every fairy tattoo has always portrayed a female that is cute. The idea of a fairy as a tattoo is not gender specific and reminds us when we see it that all things are possible and wishes do come true. Alter the image if it is not cute enough or add a tattoo that will enhance it. The fairy is great as a stand-alone tattoo, but with a background or another tattoo, it will make it unique.


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